Your chimney is as important to us as it is to you. It’s our goal to help homes in our service area stay safe and sound this winter and year-after-year. Our commitment to chimney and fire safety is why we are determined to offer the best services in Amarillo, including routine preventative services, repairs, and inspections. When homeowners invest in their home by scheduling routine inspections and sweeps, minor damage is caught early and repaired easily. At West Texas, we utilize HeatShield products for durable and affordable repairs. We won’t waste your time or your money, but get your chimney back to work for you before winter weather.

All About HeatShieldHeatshield can be used to reline and resurface your chimney flue

HeatShield Cerfractory Technology is over 20 years old and the only product of its kind. Cerfractory technology is a hybrid creation of ceramic and refractory material that is strong and durable like ceramic, and heat resistant like refractory cement. HeatShield stands up to heat tests just like industrial equivalents–withstands 2100 degree temperatures, sweep tests with a steel wire equivalent to 20 annual cleanings, and tests for acid-resistance, strength, and freeze/thaw cycles. HeatShield comes in powder form, which cuts down on wasted product and wasted money. We’ll only use what we need to get the job done. Make sure you schedule an inspection with a West Texas expert today, and we can help you determine what kind of work needs to be done, and when.

Repair Damaged Liners with HeatShield

You don’t have to have your entire flue relined when you count on West Texas. We repair damaged clay and terracotta liners with HeatShield. We’re certified installers, licensed and certified chimney professionals, and the choice for chimney care in Amarillo. When we mention a liquid product to customers, they often imagine a lot of work with scaffolding and brushes. This is not HeatShield! We install using a custom-fitting blade and pulley system which deposits the product into cracks and gaps as it’s pulled up through the flue.
HeatShield Repairs – We can use cerfractory sealant to repair your liner and your smoke chamber. Cracks, gaps in joints, stepping, and more.
HeatShield Relining – Using a CeCure sleeve, we can install HeatShield to reline your flue completely. The Cecure sleeve is a high-density, low profile, ceramic insulation reinforced with stainless steel fabric. Using this method for relining, your chimney system will be safe for all fuel types and will last the lifetime of your chimney.
HeatShield Resurfacing – When the system is badly cracked and damaged–perhaps by a flue fire or corrosion–it can be resurfaced using the same method as minor repairs, but covering the whole interior of the flue.

When you have your chimney repaired using HeatShield and West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, you can count on a job well done. Our sweeps are CSIA certified and experienced using the best resurfacing and relining product on the market.

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