Let Us Install Your New Damper Promptly & Properly

Here at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions, our goal is to make sure our neighbors in West Texas and portions of New Mexico and Oklahoma have a safer, more efficient, more enjoyable fireside experience. That’s why we provide total chimney and hearth care, from the firebox to the crown and cap. Whether our customers need help troubleshooting their systems or simply need to have a part replaced, we’re here to fix problems fast.  Sometimes the problem is simply that a part has failed and needs to be replaced.

What A Damper Does & Why It’s Important

Dampers have customarily been located down in the throat of the chimney system, which is the area just above the firebox and just below the flue. The purpose of the damper is to open up the flue when the fireplace or stove is in use and close it off when the appliance is not being enjoyed. This makes it possible to enjoy a fire in your home, and works to keep downdrafts from entering your home, and conditioned air from exiting your home.

Unfortunately, throat dampers can break, making it impossible to open or close the flue, and impossible to enjoy your hearth appliance. Additionally, dampers can rust into place or become stuck due to glazed creosote buildup in the throat of the chimney system.

A broken or failing damper is commonly to blame for an array of problems – from smoke wafting into the home to downdrafts and conditioned air loss. But if your damper has failed you, we can help.

We Install High-Quality Dampers

We can replace your broken damper with a new, high-quality damper. Looking for a replacement that will serve as both a damper and a chimney cap, and save you money on utilities? We also install top-sealing dampers, which are dampers that serve to close the flue off at the top of the system. Because of their location at the top of the chimney flue, top-sealing dampers provide an airtight seal and provide added protection against moisture damage and animal entry. Unlike the sometimes drafty metal-on-metal seal of a throat damper, the rubberized seal of a top-sealing damper is guaranteed to keep your conditioned air in and outside air out. Energy savings plus added protection? Win.

If you’re looking for a new damper, call West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions at 806-358-0817. We’ll help you find the perfect replacement and make sure your new damper is installed properly and promptly. Call or request an appointment online today!


Our installation services include installing a new chimney cap to keep water, animals and other debris out of your chimney system.