Is Your Smoke Chamber In Need Of Repair? We Can Help!

The smoke chamber, which is the triangular area that guides smoke into the flue so it can exit the home, plays a very important role in keeping your fireside experience enjoyable. But it’s a pretty demanding job, even for the most professionally constructed smoke chamber! The intense heat and corrosive byproducts emitted by the fire can cause the smoke chamber to deteriorate over the years, which can lead to a variety of safety and efficiency problems.

Think about it, if cracks and holes are allowed to develop in the smoke chamber, the smoke and gases that are supposed to be safely contained in this area of the chimney system can leak into the surrounding areas of the home. These cracks and holes can also allow heat to transfer to nearby combustibles, like framing in the walls around the chimney.

Additionally, the rougher, more damaged, and less airtight this portion of the chimney is, the less efficient it will be at ushering smoke and byproducts out of the home. Instead, smoke and gases may linger in the smoke chamber and waft back into your home and air supply – taking your fireside enjoyment level from 10 to 1, fast.

But a cracking or deteriorating smoke chamber doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoyable fireplace use. The team of certified and experienced professionals here at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions can help resolve your problem.

Our Repairs Are Fast & Effective

We specialize in smoke chamber repairs and use high-quality, reliable products that deliver truly exceptional results.  Our technicians use products specifically designed for smoke chambers to smooth over any rough areas and seal any holes, mortar joints, or cracks. The process, known as parging smooth, leaves the smoke chamber surface smooth and airtight so smoke and gases can swiftly travel up and out of the chimney.

Have Your Smoke Chamber Looked At By A Professional!

If you’ve been noticing more and more smoke in your living space while your fireplace is in use or pieces of brick and mortar falling down into your fireplace, give West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions a call at 806-358-0817. We’ll carefully inspect your system and determine whether or not a damaged smoke chamber is to blame. If it is – we’ll parge your smoke chamber smooth and leave your system safer and more efficient. Call or request an appointment online today!

Installing a new chase cover for your prefabricated chimney is all part of our complete chimney and masonry repair services.