We Offer Professional Chimney Inspections & Diagnostics Throughout The Panhandle

When it comes to chimneys, the damage and danger that can arise from neglect far outweighs the cost and effort of prevention and maintenance. Leading safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) know this, which is why they urge homeowners to schedule annual chimney inspections, regardless of whether or not the chimney is regularly used. If you aren’t making annual inspections a part of your yearly plan, it’s time to start!

We Perform Level I, II & III Inspections

Those of us here at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions have been expertly trained on proper and thorough chimney inspections, and have the tools and experience needed to get the job done right. We perform Level I, II, and III inspections (as defined by the NFPA) and follow all NFPA standards. Here’s a little bit of information on each level and when each is necessary:

  • During a level I inspection, we’ll check all readily accessible areas of the chimney system. Level I inspections are very basic in nature and do not require any specialized tools. A level I inspection may be opted for if the chimney and appliance are operating normally, your system has been properly maintained, and no changes have been made.
  • Level II inspections are recommended for chimney systems that are changing hands (i.e. during the sale of the property), undergoing changes (i.e. a new liner or hearth appliance), showing signs of trouble (i.e. the chimney has started to funnel smoke back into the home during use), or those that have experienced damage of some kind (i.e. a chimney fire, tornado, or earthquake). The reason level II inspections are so beneficial is that they allow us a much better look at the chimney system’s interior. During the inspection, we run a camera up and down the chimney, which allows us to see the interior close up and document any damage or concerns. We’ll also check any easily accessible areas of the system, from top to bottom.
  • Level III inspections are for more serious, more difficult to resolve issues. If a level II inspection doesn’t reveal the cause of the problem at hand, a level III inspection may be used. These inspections can involve the removal of portions of the chimney system, as well as nearby walls or other areas of the home preventing us from getting to the bottom of the issue.

Know Your Chimney Inside & Out

Is your chimney leaking? Are you at high risk for a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning? Is your fireplace or stove causing you more grief than it’s worth?

Whether your system is operating satisfactorily or not, make annual inspections a priority in your home. Our certified technicians specialize in chimney troubleshooting and can promptly locate the source of your chimney dangers. Once we identify the culprit, we’ll make the necessary repairs so you can enjoy a safer, cleaner, more efficient home. Call us at 806-358-0817 or request an inspection online today with our professionals at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions!


Make chimney sweeping a top priority for your home maintenance schedule. Ask us for more information about all of our chimney and fireplace services.