Dryer Vent Installation & Repair

Let’s face it, with all the laundry you do, you want your clothes dryer to be conveniently located. That’s the reasoning behind the dryer placement in newer homes. Unlike the homes of old, which almost always featured the clothes dryer against an outside wall, newer homes oftentimes feature the clothes dryer in a master suite closet, a bathroom, or against another interior wall. Although this makes things easier on the homeowner, it doesn’t necessarily make things easier on the clothes dryer itself.

But it’s not necessarily the placement itself that’s the problem. The problem is, contractors, who are sometimes more concerned with what’s appealing and convenient for the homeowner than what’s safer and more efficient, don’t always route dryer vents in a way that makes much sense. In their minds, what’s best is to route the dryer vent in a way that doesn’t interfere with anything else. This may result in a long dryer vent route that’s riddled with dips and rises to accommodate the rest of the building. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you understand physics, it is.

If the outside air that your clothes dryer needs in order to function has to travel a long distance just to get to it, and the exhaust and lint that your clothes dryer produces has to make long climbs to get to the outside, that places a lot of unnecessary stress on your clothes dryer. Not only that, but lint will likely settle along that route instead of exiting the vent.

If your clothes dryer is located on an interior wall and it seems like it’s running longer, running hotter, and simply not doing its job effectively, there’s a good chance the vent route is to blame. But we can help. We’ll inspect your venting system, and if there’s a better and more airflow-friendly way to route the vents, we can reroute them.

Considering Moving Your Dryer? Leave The Dryer Vent Installation To Us

If you’re considering moving your clothes dryer to another area of your home, let our CSIA-Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (CDET) install your new dryer vents. We have an expert understanding of airflow and physics and can make sure your new venting is installed in a way that’s conducive to airflow and makes sense in terms of efficiency and safety.

Are Damaged & Loose Ducts The Cause Of Your Dryer Woes?

The high heat and gases produced by your clothes dryer can damage venting and cause ducts to come loose. Unfortunately, when ducts are torn or loose, they can allow hot air and gases into nearby areas of the home. Gas and heat leaks can cause moisture damage, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even house fire, which is why venting damage should be taken care of promptly.

If loose or damaged ducts are causing your dryer efficiency and safety problems, we can make the necessary repairs promptly and get your dryer vents back in peak condition and ready to properly vent your clothes dryer.

Whatever your dryer vent needs may be, you can count on the team of professionals here at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions to help! Call 806-358-0817 or request an appointment with one of our Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians online today!


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