Dumas Residents Turn To Us For All Of Their Chimney, Masonry & Venting Needs

Join the residents of Dumas, Stallwitz Lake, Machovec, Sheerin, Bautista, Bryden, Middlewell, Etter, Sheerin Junction, Four Way, Cactus, Pampa, Hereford, Amarillo, and other surrounding areas by depending on us for all of your chimney maintenance. Our certified staff can provide you with unbeatable service that you can trust.

Dumas is a beautiful city filled with welcoming and friendly people. The Window on the Plains Museum is a main attraction, and great restaurants and shopping opportunities are scattered throughout the area. Residents help each other out on a regular basis and you can always find a place to turn when you are in need. These qualities make Dumas an ideal location for anyone looking to relocate!

Job opportunities open up regularly and the housing selection is great, thanks to the care and hard work put in by local residents who work to keep the town looking its best. One of the best ways to ensure a safe and structurally sound home that lasts year after year is to invest in proper chimney care and maintenance.

At West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions, we know how important regular inspections and high quality repairs are for maintaining good chimney health. Our vast knowledge and expertise is why people in the area have been turning to us for 40 years and counting!

There Is No One Better For Chimney & Fireplace Maintenance

Do you live on Maddox Avenue, Phillips Drive, Bliss Avenue, Oak Avenue, Meredith Avenue, Crump Avenue, Fox Avenue, Floyd Avenue, Plum Avenue, Peach Avenue, Shamrock Drive, Pine Avenue, Elm Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Michael Avenue, Denton Avenue, or anywhere else throughout Dumas or its surrounding areas? Then look no further than us for all of your chimney needs and maintenance! Check out our wide range of services below.

Tech sweeping chimney with brush. He is dressed in black and white.
Fireplace Repair/Rebuilds - This chimney is in bad shape - spalling, missing bricks, tuckpointing needs rebuild.
Black insert with rock surround and wooden mantel.
Dryer Vent Cleanings at West Texas Chimney. Wash room with washer driver and cabinet as well as hot water heater.
We also provide blower door testing to detect air leaks in the home and expert venting care for those lint-clogged dryer vents! From installation and repairs to thorough cleanings, we do it all!

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The homeowners in Sunray, Masterson, Exell, Exum, Wilco, Capps Switch, Lautz, and all of the towns and cities throughout this area, have depended on us for 40 years, and we continue to provide dependable service that they can trust. Join your neighbors – call 806-358-0817 or fill out our online appointment request form! You will not regret hiring us for all of your chimney and fireplace related needs. Give us a call today!

Homeowners in Hereford know that they can count on great chimney and venting service from us year round. That’s one of the benefits  of being in our service area.