HeatShield® – The Solution To Damaged Clay/Terra Cotta Chimney Liners

Nobody wants to hear the news that their clay tile chimney liner is no longer safely or effectively doing its job. After all, replacing flue tiles can be a difficult and costly job. In the past, the only solution was to reline with a metal liner, but if you’ve been told your flue liner is in sad shape, we have good news for you.

We’re certified HeatShield® installers, which means we may be able to restore your clay tile chimney liner, without doing it tile by tile. HeatShield® is a revolutionary product that has changed the way we approach damaged clay tile liners. Instead of replacing each damaged tile or relining the chimney with a metal liner, we may be able to fully restore your flue with this amazing system.

How HeatShield® Works

HeatShield® is a system which relies on the power of a specially developed cerfractory sealant to restore clay tile liners and provide added protection and a smooth surface. HeatShield® offers several solutions to damaged clay liners, so our method of restoration will depend upon the extent of your liner damage.

  • If you have a few cracks and receding mortar joints here and there, we can apply the product directly to those areas using a specialized foam applicator.
  • If your flue liner is shabby from top to bottom, we can pour the product down into the flue and smooth it over the entire surface with a specialized foam applicator.
  • If your flue is damaged from top to bottom and needs to be reinforced or resized, we can apply a layer of the HeatShield® cerfractory sealant, slip a lining sleeve down into the flue, and then apply another layer of the cerfractory sealant.

When you have your flue restored with HeatShield®, you can expect to be left with a smooth, sealed chimney flue that’s ready to serve. This eco-friendly product carries a 20-year warranty when professionally installed, and can handle temperatures exceeding 2900 degrees F. We’ll inspect your chimney flue with video scanning technology both before and after the HeatShield® product is applied so you can see the difference for yourself!

Call West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions To Find Out If HeatShield® Is Right For You

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