Our Professional Chimney Relining Services Ensure A Safer, More Efficient Chimney System

As chimney professionals, we’re often called upon to help troubleshoot efficiency issues, smoke problems, and other chimney-related concerns. We love resolving problems for our customers, and start by looking at the most common and simplest explanation, all the way to the most challenging. Many times, we find that chimney liners are to blame for hearth woes. Oftentimes, inspections will reveal one of these problems:

  • Job-Related Damage – Chimney liners are responsible for containing smoke and gases produced by the fire and guiding them up and out of the chimney and home. But over time, these byproducts and the extreme temperatures of the fire can cause liners to deteriorate.
  • Moisture Damage – If a chimney is missing a cap or experiencing a leak, water can cause the chimney liner to rust (if metal) or crack and decay (if terra cotta or clay).
  • Incorrectly Sized Liner – In order to swiftly contain and remove the smoke and byproducts produced by your stove, fireplace, or insert, your chimney liner must be appropriately sized to do the job. If your liner is too small or too big, you may experience smoke problems, draft problems, and all sorts of performance issues.

We Proudly Offer HeatShield® & Stainless Steel Liners

Although no one ever wants to hear that they need to have their chimney relined, we love being able to offer our customers the best possible options: stainless steel and HeatShield®.

  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel liners are U.L. tested and approved to vent oil-, wood-, and gas-burning stoves, fireplaces, and inserts, which makes them great for all types of appliances. They come in rigid and flexible options and in a variety of sizes, and are guaranteed to provide years of service.
  • HeatShield® – HeatShield® offers a variety of restoration and relining options for clay tile chimney liners in disrepair. If your clay tile or terra cotta liner is showing signs of deterioration, this cerfractory sealant system may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Whatever your reason for relining, let West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions help. We provide thorough video inspections and can get an up close look at every last inch of your chimney flue. We’ll show you where damage has occurred and make recommendations for fully restoring the safety and efficiency of your system. Call us at 806-358-0817 or click here to request an appointment to have your chimney flue inspected and/or relined. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your system!


if your masonry chimney needs brick work or tuckpointing, you can rely on our chimney and masonry repair experts for quality and dependable results.