We Stop Leaky Chimneys Fast

When it comes to resolving a chimney leak, there’s no time to be wasted. But sometimes it’s not easy to figure out where the water is coming from or how it’s getting in. If you think you may have a chimney leak, let the experienced leak resolution professionals at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions help.

We have decades of experience finding and stopping chimney leaks and can make any repairs needed to prevent water from making its way into your home. We’ll start by looking at the most common and vulnerable areas, checking every inch for signs of weakness. The most common culprits are the following:

  • Crown – The crown, which is the block of cement that sits on top of your chimney stack, can crack or deteriorate, allowing water to enter the chimney system. Additionally, if the crown was built without a proper drip edge, it may be dumping water down into the masonry or flashing. If your crown is to blame for your chimney leak, we can repair or rebuild it and promptly put a stop to your water problems.
  • Flashing – You may not have ever seen your chimney’s flashing, but it’s the metal that is layered where your chimney and roof interconnect. These sheets work to seal off the area and prevent water from entering this vulnerable portion of the home. If water has rusted through your flashing, the seams are lifted, your flashing is dented, or your flashing simply needs to be replaced, we can help. When we repair or install flashing, water stays out.
  • Masonry – The masonry that makes up your chimney stack is porous, which means it can take on water. Unfortunately, water can cause the brick and mortar to crack and break down, which in turn, allows more and more water to enter and do damage. The best way to prevent or resolve this type of moisture problem is to have any cracks repaired and promptly waterproof the masonry.

Whatever is causing your chimney leak, the experienced professionals at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions can help. We’re CSIA-certified and have decades of leak resolution experience. Don’t wait until more damage is done – call us at 806-358-0817 or request an appointment online to have your leak repaired today!


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