The chimney crown is the ceiling that covers the top of the chimney. It covers the chimney from the flue opening to the edge of the chimney and needs to be able to withstand sunshine, water, and weather year-round.

A Well-Constructed Chimney CrownWhat is a Chimney Crown - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

A Chimney crown should be made of concrete and reinforced with steel mesh. It should be slanted away from the flue so that water runs off of it, and it should be at least 3 inches thick on the edge. The crown should also hang over the edge of the chimney by two inches so that water drips off the side and doesn’t run down the masonry.

A Damaged Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is designed to last, and if it becomes damaged, it is usually because of neglect and improper construction. Some chimney sweeps and general contractors construct the crown from leftover mortar, but this is not recommended. Mortar is not strong enough to withstand weather and temperature fluctuations, and if it is too thin, it is also too weak to hold up. An inexperienced chimney sweep may even cover a chimney with a flat chimney crown. This can cause pooling water which leads to cracks and gaps.

Winter Damage

When a chimney crown is constructed incorrectly or neglected, it can result in cracks and gaps. Water is allowed into a crack, it is subject to a freeze/thaw cycle throughout winter. When the chimney cools, the water freezes, expanding and busting apart the concrete or mortar crown and masonry. As the chimney heats again, the ice melts, and runs further into the damaged crown, repeating this process until the crown is destroyed and the chimney is badly damaged.

Hire a Professional

Before your chimney costs you a fortune in water damage, have it looked at by a professional. Your chimney needs an inspection every year. When a certified chimney sweep assesses your chimney regularly, you can be sure your crown will be repaired or replaced before it causes any damage.

If your crown has minor cracks and gaps, we can fix those too. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and our crown sealant will leave your chimney crown looking beautiful and keep it functional.

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