As more and more homeowners, apartment managers, and even the hospitality industry begin looking for the homey feel of the fireplace, gas logs are becoming popular. They allow for versatility in installation, can provide quite a bit of supplemental heat, and are beautiful and stylish. Bonus? They are affordable for both purchase and installation.

Types of Gas Logs Setsfireplace
There are two types of gas log sets each with their own benefits and drawbacks.
Vented–Vented gas log sets require a vent whether by a standard chimney, prefab flue, or professionally-installed vent. These are popular because they burn with a beautiful yellow flame that dances just like a wood fire. These sets can be more expensive to install depending on the setup you already have.
Vent-free–This option is popular do to the ability to install it anywhere and safe for use indoors. When you choose vent-free gas logs, you can have your fireplace professional build a hearth, install in an existing fireplace, and even convert when a chimney is in disrepair or unsafe. The biggest drawback to vent-free gas logs is the flame color. Instead of dancing yellow flames, the vent-free logs burn with a less realistic blue flame.

Benefits of Gas Logs
Whether you choose vented or vent-free gas logs, you can benefit from a new fireplace this fall–and just in time for the holidays!
Efficiency–Gas burns cleaner than any other fuel, creating less pollution and very little soot! That means less to clean up in the chimney system and less ash to clean out and dispose of.
Convenient–Gas logs are easy and affordable to install (when you hire a qualified professional), and easy for homeowners to operate. With a convenient light match or push-button light, precise temperature control, and immediate extinguisher, your new fire is at your fingertips.
Realistic–Even vent-free log sets which have a less realistic burn, feature realistic logs that add character and beauty to your fireplace.

Hire a Professional
The only way to insure your new gas log fireplace is everything you need it to be, is to hire a professional. Purchase your fire log set from a certified vendor and you’ll get the right product, size, and capacity that your space needs. Showrooms are filled with log sets and appliances that homeowners purchased online and had to return because they were the wrong choice for their home. Choosing a professional like West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions at the start, means your new fireplace will be exactly what you need when it’s time for burn season. Common issues with gas fires only become problems when the fireplace and chimney is neglected or improperly installed.

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