After a winter that seemed to never end, summer has hit with a vengeance. Temperatures are at record highs and the humidity is stifling. In West Texas there is only one thing worse than being stuck inside when it’s 100+ degrees before 10 am: being stuck inside with a stinky chimney.Summer Inspection & Sweeping - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

Reasons to Schedule

At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, a common summer complaint is a stinky chimney. There are a few reasons why this may occur, but the main reason is a dirty chimney. Once the chimney isn’t used anymore and summer humidity mingles with the soot and creosote in the flue and fireplace, the result is a barbecue smell–with no barbecue. This odor can be quite strong, and is 100 percent avoidable! Other odors, like mildew or of decomposition can be prevented by scheduling your annual inspection. Besides odors, though, there are other great reasons to schedule these important services.

  1. Prevention
    The main reason to schedule services with a chimney professional is to prevent damage and extra cost later. Neglecting your chimney maintenance can cost you money during the summer, and may even result in disaster when burn season arrives. When a chimney professional gets a look at the system, hazards and damage are not missed. Minor damage is assessed and repaired before it becomes a big problem, saving you money and possible damage.
  2. Efficiency
    Your chimney may be costing you money this summer and you don’t even know it. A chimney that has a missing or faulty part may be letting your conditioned air out the flue. A chimney professional will assess your entire system and make recommendations if it can be improved upon. Efficiency upgrades may include installing glass doors or converting from a throat damper to a top mount damper.
  3. Preparedness
    You can avoid the “fall rush” by having your chimney services completed during the summer months. The fall rush, the time between October and January, is the busiest time of year for chimney professionals and it can be difficult to get appointments when you’d like. Have your chimney swept and inspected now, and we assure you it’ll be ready for the first fire this fall. Summer inspections also means you have plenty of time to make repairs before fall arrives.

Sweeps and Inspections

When you schedule a chimney sweep, a technician will come into your home and use special equipment to clean soot, creosote, ash, and debris from the entire chimney system. Tools may include brushes, a high powered vacuuming system, and other products that may be necessary to remove glazed creosote. When you schedule a chimney inspection the chimney sweep will clean the chimney just as in a sweep appointment, and then assess it from top to bottom. How thorough your assessment will be depends on the level of inspection your chimney needs. A chimney expert can help you determine what type of inspection to schedule when you call West Texas.

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