The off-season is the best time for fireplace installations, upgrades, repairs, and construction, as any fireplace work requires it to be off. This means you would need to discontinue use of your fireplace or stove for at least 24 hours before. This can cause some very cold night, if it’s during the winter.

When you schedule chimney installations and services during the spring and summer, you can rest assured your fireplace is ready for use in the fall and winter. At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, we can help you find the perfect fireplace for your space and need. We can find the perfect style to matches your home and personality. We are proud to partner with some of the industry’s top brands to bring fire into homes in Amarillo and beyond.

Regency Fireplace Products

modern fireplaceWe are proud to partner with Regency Fireplace Products to bring beautiful, safe, and efficient fire products to the homes of our customers, friends, and neighbors in Amarillo and surrounding area. Regency direct vent fireplaces can be installed anywhere. They don’t require a chimney, so they can vent through a wall or roof. This means you can have a beautiful gas fireplace without building a chimney or an ugly stove pipe. These are closed units and don’t affect the air in your home. Traditional gas fireplaces can slip right into your existing fireplace. Using a range of designs with fine finishing, full fires, and an assortment of customized options.

Regency wood stoves are beautiful and durable. All Regency wood stoves come with the industry’s most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty. When you choose a wood stove, you can have it installed almost anywhere. Regency freestanding stoves come in a variety of types, sizes, and finishes to match your home and create the appeal you want.

Real Fyre

For customers looking for realistic gas log sets, we’re proud to partner with Real Fyre for vented and vent-free log sets, direct vent inserts, and contemporary fireplaces. The greater compressive strength allows for the finest surface detailing and logs that last longer than other brands. The higher bulk density allows for more radiant heat while burning and after it’s shut off. These logs are less prone to oxidation because they are made with less iron. Finally, steel-reinforced rods maintain the structural integrity of the fire logs longer.

Professional Installations

If you own or manage property in the Amarillo area, you can count of West Texas for your hearth products and installations. We install stoves, gas logs, inserts, and other chimney components. Call our experts today at 806-358-0817 and schedule a consultation. We can help you pick out a model that will match your space perfectly. Whether your style is rustic and traditional or sleek and contemporary, we can find something for you!