What’s a dream home without a dream fireplace? Your fireplace may be the reason you bought your home. It’s the reason why many homeowners choose a certain house over others. In fact, many homeowners and realtors can tell you that a fireplace is the selling point of any home. The last thing you want when you have the home and the fireplace of your dreams, is a nightmare like a leaky chimney.

Water and MasonryThe problems with leaky chimneys

Due to the materials which make up the masonry, it is incredibly affected by water penetration. If certain precautions aren’t taken, your chimney can be ruined by water leaks, and the damage is substantial:

  • Rusted parts and components, including accessories and doors
  • Deterioration of firebox assemblies, central heating system, and lining system
  • Rotted and ruined adjacent wood and wall coverings
  • Stained masonry, walls, floors, and furniture
  • Cracked masonry and liner
  • Collapse and settlement of hearth

Suddenly, the very system which adds so much value to the home can bring down the value.

Signs of a Chimney Leak

Your chimney system is largely hidden from sight, so many of the signs of a leak are hidden from view until the damage is obvious. The first sign that many homeowners notice is not a sign of a leak at all, but a sign that damage has already occurred. Pay attention to signs that point to a leak so that it can be stopped quickly and re-occurrence can be prevented.
Listen – If you hear sounds of dripping in the chimney system, it is a sign of a leak–even if you can’t see the water or the stain caused from the water. Hidden dripping usually means that the water is pooling on the smoke shelf, which can lead to mold and mildew over time. The moisture in the system will also drop efficiency substantially.
Look – Stains on the surfaces of the masonry indicates a leak. White stains on the exterior of the chimney, called efflorescence, occurs when the water passes through the masonry, leaving minerals on the outside. These stains are unsightly, and the leak is a problem. Persistent water leaks lead to black and green stains on the interior, and rust stains near the top of the chimney exterior.
Pay Attention – If your system has a sudden drop in efficiency, you may have a leak. Investigate further and call a professional. It may be that you find a leak elsewhere in your home. If you have a leak in any part of your roof/ceiling, it could still be caused by your chimney! Don’t call a general contractor. Call a chimney professional. A general contractor might repair the damage, but cannot stop the leaky chimney that is the cause.

We Repair Chimney Leaks

At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions we repair leaky chimneys and then waterproof them to prevent re-occurrence. We can repair or replace damaged crowns, flashing, masonry, and caps. When we’re all done making repairs, we also apply a waterproofing solution for good measure. This water repellent keeps water from getting in through the masonry while also allowing gases and heat to get out. Not only does it waterproof the masonry, but it lasts year after year.

When you suspect a chimney leak, or want to have it waterproofed to prevent any future water damage, call us at 806-358-0817.