When you’re looking at making a change to your heat system, summer is the best time to do it. Start planning now, and you can ensure you have ample heat when you need it during the cold months ahead. At West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions, we are here to help when you are ready!

Why Choose Gas?

dancing flames of gas logsMany homeowners are choosing gas fires because they’re safer and more efficient than wood. Gas fireplaces are affordable. They’re easy to install, easy to use, maintain, and clean. When a chimney is in disrepair and you don’t have the funds to repair it, you can decide to bypass the chimney completely and install a gas log set!

A vented gas log set can be installed with a flue piped up through the existing chimney. A vent-free gas log set can be installed in the firebox, and it is safe to use without venting at all. Gas fireplaces light without a hassle, with a switch or push of a button usually. At most, you may need to use a lighter. You won’t need kindling, firewood. You also won’t need to shovel ashes or worry about other hassles that come with a wood fireplace.

Drawbacks to Gas

When a gas fireplace unit is installed incorrectly, it can cause issues for the entire home. Gas fires may not produce creosote or large amounts of soot, but it does produce water vapor as it burns. When it isn’t vented properly or used too often, this condensation can coat the home interior and damage wall coverings and furniture.

For this reason, the flue needs to be installed by a professional when you install a vent-free gas log set. The flue needs to be a certain size to allow the gases to rise up and out of the house. If the flue is too big or long, the gases will stall in the flue, fall down with no heat to drive them up, and deposit dangerous gases inside your house. Carbon monoxide is a real risk for gas fireplaces when you don’t have a professional install them.

Professional Gas Log Installation

For more than 40 years, West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions have been bringing fire into people’s homes. We see homeowners improve efficiency and safety with gas log sets. We have helped raise property value for a refinance or sale by converting fireplaces from wood to gas. We have helped our customers complete their dream remodel and put the finishing touches on new constructions.

We install gas log sets because they produce heat, look great, and can match any home décor, style, or personality. Today’s gas log sets feature beautiful, detailed ceramic logs that can mimic local species of trees. You can choose a vented gas log set with a dancing yellow flame to look just like a real wood flame. Check out our complete list of vented gas log sets here. Not sure if a gas log set is what you need? We offer gas inserts that will still convert your fireplace and utilize the existing chimney. Call a West Texas professional at 806-358-0817 today!