Masonry is incredibly susceptible to water damage due to its porous nature, and if left unprotected, can lead to costly repairs and hazards. Water penetration can lead to: rusted parts, connectors, and hinges; deteriorated firebox, masonry, and central heating system; rotting wood, walls, floors, and furniture; and more. Water damage also causes a drop in efficiency that can lead to accidental fires, carbon monoxide exposure, and serious injury or death. The serious issues that come from water damage can be prevented. It’s important to schedule routine maintenance and preventative measures including sweeps, inspections, and waterproofing services.Chimney Water Repellent  - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney & Venting

The Chimney-Saving Solution

At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, we protect the chimneys of our customers and neighbors using ChimneySaver industrial products. These waterproofing products not only create a barrier between the masonry and water, but also repel water. SaverSystems began creating waterproofing agents in the 1980s and quickly became the number one choice for water protection because their products work! Products available at home improvement stores are usually latex-based. They repel water and keep it out, but also trap the gases in. Masonry is used for chimneys because of their porous nature, and if the gases and heat are not allowed out, the pressure can build up and cause a serious hazard.

ChimneySaver works by keeping water molecules from getting in while still letting gases out. ChimneySaver is easy to apply and doesn’t change the appearance of the masonry at all. Scheduling chimney waterproofing services now will not detract from the look of your masonry or the value of your property. In fact, ChimneySaver will protect your chimney from water penetration for years, season after season.

When to Apply

At West Texas, we treat chimneys with ChimneySaver year-round. Summer is a great time to schedule these services so that the masonry is protected against water damage through winter and for years to come. Waterproofing the chimney after masonry repairs is also important.

Other ways to protect your chimney against water include:

Chimney cap installation – Install a chimney cap to protect the flue from the top-down. Caps keep water, rain, snow, and hail out of the flue. The cap will also prevent wind gusts, animal intrusion, and stray sparks.

Flashing installation and repair – Flashing protects the vulnerable intersection of the roof and chimney. It should be professionally installed to prevent chimney leaks and damage.

Chimney crown repairs and installation – The crown may be sealed if it has minor damage, but a full replacement may be necessary if the crown was constructed improperly or with the wrong material.

In order to make sure your chimney is ready for burn season, you don’t only need waterproofing services, but a chimney inspection. Contact West Texas for diagnostic services. Call 806-358-0817 or chat with us online.