It’s important that your chimney system has all its parts and that they’re in working order. The chimney system may be the largest and most important system in the home, and it’s vital to keep it maintained and working properly–that means using the system properly, and replacing parts that are damaged or installed improperly.

The DamperChimney Dampers can keep the cold out of your home this winter.

Located in the throat of the chimney system, the damper opens and closes the flue. It is used to open the flue while the fireplace is being used (when a fire burns), and to close it when the fire has been completely extinguished. This allows the flue to be closed off to prevent downdrafts into the home as well as to prevent animals from intruding into the home by way of the chimney.

The Problem with Dampers

Throat dampers are made of metal, and can become rusted, coated in soot or creosote, and get stuck in one position or the other. If your damper becomes stuck in the open position, you may lose conditioned air through the summer and heated air during winter. If it becomes stuck in the closed position, you can expect smoke to push into your home and it is unsafe to light a fire in the fireplace. Never burn a fire in a fireplace that does not have a damper that opens. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation that can cause serious injury, harm, and even death.

Installing a New Damper

You may need to have your damper replaced if it doesn’t work like it should. If it becomes rusted, stuck, or the seal is too loose to effectively prevent airflow, it’s time to look at new dampers. At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, we replace old and worn throat dampers with high-quality dampers that will prevent more drafts and save you money on heating and cooling. If you’re looking to save even more, you can choose a top-sealing damper which can save you substantially throughout the year.

Top-Mount Dampers

At West Texas we recommend top-mount dampers to protect your chimney system from the top to the bottom. They work effectively as a damper AND a cap, and save you money in utilities year-round. Equipped with an airtight rubber seal, they stop all airflow when closed, and provide added protection against moisture, animals, and winter weather. As soon as your top-mount damper is installed, you will see results. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about the cap, because your damper works as both.

Do you still need an inspection to prepare your system is ready for burn season? While you’re planning your chimney care, ask one of our chimney experts about a new damper. A high-quality throat damper or a top-mount damper installed by a professional this season will keep working for your year after year.

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