We’re all glad that winter is nearly over, but just around the corner is the rainy season. Spring showers help gardens and wilderness flourish, but it isn’t great for your chimney system. After a long winter, your chimney may have damage that has gone unnoticed. This winter damage can lead to other serious damage that affects all the other parts of your house as well.

Water DamageChimney flashing for the spring

Water can destroy a chimney system from the inside out, something that may quickly turn into an expensive nightmare. No matter how the water enters the system, it damages important components and causes leaks. The worst thing that can happen to your masonry chimney is water damage, but chimney leaks are preventable! Protect your home from rusted parts, clogged spaces, stained masonry and walls, and damage to your property.

Flashing: The Most Common Cause of Chimney Leaks

The professionals at West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions see chimney leaks quite a bit during Spring. Leaks are caused by the damage made during the winter allowing water to enter during the spring. The most common cause of chimney leaks is dislodged, damaged, or missing flashing.

Flashing is made up of thin sheets of metal, strategically placed to protect the intersection of the chimney and the roof. This flashing should be installed only by a professional. Find someone who is experienced and knows how to install it according to the slant and roof material. No nails should be visible, and the sheets shouldn’t easily shift or move. Throughout winter, however, winter weather and high winds may cause your flashing to shift or become damaged. The flashing may also leak easily if installed by an amateur. It’s important to only hire a licensed and certified professional for this type of installation or repair.

We Prevent Leaks by Repairing Flashing

Our technicians at West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions have experience with repairing flashing–using only the best materials and only the best methods. We can also help prevent leaks by keeping your cap and crown in good shape. For good measure, we also treat masonry with a vapor-permeable water repellent which protects the masonry from water year after year. Unlike store bought options, this industrial product keeps water from getting in while allowing heat and vapors out.

Call West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions for all your chimney flashing needs. Our technicians have been installing and repairing flashing throughout the Texas Panhandle for over 40 years. We are certified and experienced, installing all fire components to NFPA standards and state and local codes.

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