The fireplace endures abuse all season long, and even minor damage may put your family and home at risk. High temperatures and corrosive chemicals constantly beat up on your masonry, age can wear down masonry, and certain other elements can cause damage as well. Your fireplace may need minor repairs because of smoke stains or serious hazards that require a rebuild. Don’t wait. If your fireplace needs attention, get it done before fall. Getting a professional involved right away means that diagnostics and necessary repairs can be complete before the first cool night of the burn season.

Common Fireplace DamageFireplace Repairs and Rebuilds - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, we see fireplace damages no matter the season. Our technicians are experienced with problems common to our climate. Not only are our experts experienced with diagnosing fireplace problems, but fixing them as well.


Staining may be caused from smoke or water. No matter the cause, stains in the fireplace are a clear indication of a problem. It may be that your firewood is not properly seasoned, your fire is burning too hot too fast, or there is a leak in the system that allows water into the fireplace. Stains can be easily corrected, but the cause should be addressed in order to avoid recurrence and to maintain safety.


Cracking, flaking, crumbling, and falling pieces of brick and mortar is called spalling. When this occurs in the fireplace, it indicates not only a problem, but a serious hazard. This type of masonry damage can allow heat to transfer to materials in the home and can let carbon monoxide intrude into your home. This damage can be repaired through a process of tuckpointing or repointing, which restores your masonry to full function and health.

Missing Materials

This may be caused from improper construction and is easily fixed with professional help. When a firebox is constructed properly, the brick and mortar should be rated for high temperatures, inserts should be properly insulated, and safety codes adhered to.

Fireplace Rebuilds

Your firebox may be so badly damaged or improperly built that a rebuild is safer and more cost-effective than repairing the problem. A rebuild is preferred in many cases in which the home is seeking refinance, sale, remodel, or upgrading for better efficiency. Other reasons that homeowners may choose a fireplace rebuild include:

  • Water damage
  • Storm damage
  • House settling
  • Chimney fire
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Improper height
  • Age-related damage
  • Outdated appearance

Our technicians are experienced and trained in chimney physics and fire science. They’re expert masons, exceptional professionals, and put your comfort and safety first. Call or schedule an appointment today!