The chimney is made up of many different parts and assemblies that are important for safe and efficient function. These parts work together to vent smoke, hazardous gases, and particulate pollution outside. When parts are damaged or missing, the chimney will not work as well and will not vent the fire properly. The chimney cap is among the most important and most overlooked parts. Many homeowners actually let a flue remain exposed, often forgetting the cap altogether. This can cause all kinds of issues for your chimney system.Does My Chimney Need A Cap - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

Caps Keep Water Out

Your cap keeps water out, whether from rain, snow, or hail. Without this simple part acting as a roof for the flue, the precipitation can fall directly into the flue opening, ruining the chimney from the inside out. Water can wreck a chimney if it’s allowed to penetrate the system. A minor problem or missing cap, if neglected, can lead to serious water damage to the masonry. In winter, water does even more damage due to the freeze/thaw cycle. In winter the water enters the masonry and freezes. As it freezes, it expands and breaks apart the masonry. Then melts and runs further into the damaged masonry. This process is repeated throughout the winter. Cap your chimney now so it’s ready for winter temperatures.

Caps Keep Animals Out

As critters begin to look for a warm place to nest this winter, keep in mind that if they can climb onto the roof, and into the chimney–but only if the door is open! Put a cap on the chimney and no animals, debris, or water will get in all winter long. This is especially important in spring to prevent migratory birds from entering the flue.

Caps Prevent Gusts

Your cap can prevent wind gusts from entering the chimney and affecting your fire or central air unit. If you choose a top-mount damper that doubles as a cap, you can even save an arm and a leg year-round, saving on heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Caps Keep Fire In

Your chimney will be used throughout winter every time a fire burns in the firebox. As a fire burns, sparks and embers rise up the chimney and can ignite debris on the roof or even in the yard below. The spark suppressor on standard caps prevents embers and sparks from escaping. This will protect against accidental fires.

We Install Caps

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