Does your chimney stink?

During the summer is the time that high temperatures and humidity result in stinking chimneys. It may not be foul-smelling all the time, but any odor is an indication of a chimney problem. Depending on the odor, it is fairly easy to identify the cause and correct the issue.Diagnosing a Smelly Chimney - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney & Venting

Smoky/Barbecue Odors

Sitting in your living room and watching your favorite television show, you may be trying to remember the last time you bought smoked jerky or used the grill. The smell may be so strong that it seems like your barbecue grill is sitting right inside your house. It’s not your grill and it’s not your food. A smoky or barbecue odor is caused from a dirty chimney and the odors will fall right into your living space even with the damper closed.

Fix: Schedule a chimney sweep with a professional so that the soot, creosote, and ash is removed and odors are eliminated.

Mildew/Mold Odors

A smell like that found in an old gym bag or a dirty washing machine may be easily fixed, unless it’s coming from the chimney and fireplace. Mildewy and moldy odors are an indication of a big and complicated issue. It means water has penetrated the system and the leak has occurred long enough for bacteria to grow inside the system. There is likely extensive water damage to the entire system.

Fix: Schedule annual chimney inspections in order to catch chimney issues that lead to leaks. Waterproofing services protect masonry from water penetration year after year.

Foul/Decomposition Odors

Odors of decomposition can be caused from the carcass of an animal or even twigs and leaves. All living and organic materials decompose, and while they do they release odors and gases. If your chimney has a foul odor of decomposition, you likely have chimney damage caused by debris or small animals or you even have a complete blockage. Additionally, the gases produced by a dead animal can be harmful to people in the home and the odors can be difficult to remove.

Fix: Call a chimney sweep if you suspect an animal has gotten into your chimney system or has tampered with your cap. If your cap is missing or damaged, there may be materials and debris inside the chimney that will lead to problems and odors.

If you’re having chimney odors, no matter what kind of odors, or how strong they are, it’s important to call a professional. West Texas Chimney and Venting Services can diagnose and correct odors, whether they come from your chimney or other ventilation systems.

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