One of the most important, most overlooked components of the chimney system is the flashing. From the ground, it can be hard to see, and if it’s damaged it may go unnoticed. This is one reason it’s so important for homeowners to schedule routine maintenance. Your annual chimney inspection may be the only time that a chimney professional has a look at your chimney system. At this appointment you may find out your flashing is damaged.The Dangers of Damaged Flashing - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

What is Flashing?

Flashing is a barrier that is installed to keep water out of the intersection of the roof and chimney. This is the weakest part of your chimney system, highly susceptible to water intrusion, so it’s important to have it professionally installed and checked annually.

Professional Installation and Repairs

The flashing is made up of multiple thin sheets of metal placed strategically to keep water out. They are also placed in a way that they are firm against weather, animal tampering, and water flow. The way they are laid will be determined by the slant of the roof and the type of roofing materials used on your house. An amateur or homeowner attempting to install flashing will fail simply because they don’t know how to place it, or because they use the wrong material. Regardless, the most common reason flashing results in a leak is because of improper installation.

Damaged Flashing

At West Texas Chimney we can repair your flashing before it becomes a hazard. One misplaced sheet of flashing quickly results in a leak at the base of the chimney that will damage your masonry and your home. The water can move through the hidden portions of your home and cause a leak in a room nowhere near your chimney! The amount of water that can enter by way of damaged flashing (especially during Spring) can damage your walls, ceilings, and floors. It can result in mold and rot as well.

Inside your chimney, water can be just as damaging–if not more. Your masonry chimney is constructed of materials that are adversely affected by water. In fact, if water penetrates your masonry, it can damage your chimney from the inside out. Chimney leaks cause rusted parts, damaged masonry, liner, and firebox. Water in the chimney causes lowered efficiency during burn season and odors in the offseason. Damage occurs in a short time–damage that should be repaired before it leads to more hazards, like fire.

What We Can Do

West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions has your flashing solution. We repair flashing, inspect chimneys, repair masonry, and finish by waterproofing the masonry.

We offer the best services in the Amarillo area because we want our customers to have the best experience, the safest experience. All of our technicians are experts at flashing installation and can discuss your damaged flashing with you when you call us. If you already know you have a problem, you can request an appointment online.