Winter is only halfway over, and there are still many nights and days to keep warm until spring. The last thing you want is some cool drafts bringing down the temperature inside, costing you time, money, and resources. The chimney is a common culprit when it comes to cold drafts. The chimney system, designed to help you keep the house warm, may be the reason why it’s cold.Cold Drafts Down Your Chimney - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

How Your Chimney Works

The chimney system is made up of many important parts—all of which can affect the overall efficiency if they become damaged. When the chimney is constructed properly and maintained properly, it should work correctly. There are many different systems in the house, but the chimney system is likely the largest because the entire house is the system. The chimney works by drafts. A fire produces heat and byproducts that rise up the chimney, pulling air out of the rest of the house as it does. This is how the chimney vents hazardous gases out of the fireplace constantly. If for some reason the chimney isn’t working efficiently, the smoke may not rise as it should. The air may not be hot enough to rise up the flue. Existing air inside the flue may be cold, and working against the draft. You may have a draft issue while the fire is burning.

Causes for Cold Drafts

While your fire isn’t burning, you may feel cold drafts from your fireplace. If air is coming in, it is also likely going out. It is possible that up to 30% of your centrally heated air is being lost out your chimney if it isn’t stopped. In order to conserve your home’s heat and save money, it’s a good idea to find out what the issue is right away.

  • Faulty Damper
    A rusted or broken damper can become stuck in the open position, allowing air to flow freely through the flue. This can allow drafts to flow in and out.
  • Vent in the House
    In order for air to flow into the house, it has to go out somewhere. If you leave a door open or window cracked in another part of the house, your chimney may allow a draft to flow in.

Stopping the Cold Drafts

The best way to stop your chimney draft is to call a professional and find out the safest and most efficient options. A licensed and insured chimney expert will offer the best options, including:

  • Glass Doors – Stylish doors with a tight seal that can raise efficiency, as well as stop drafts when the fireplace is not in use.
  • Top Sealing Damper – Top sealing dampers are a combination damper/chimney cap that is installed onto the top of the flue. It closes with an airtight seal that protects the flue from the top.
  • Damper Repair – You don’t have to choose a top sealing damper. West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions offers chimney repairs, including damper installations.

Having your chimney system assessed by a professional may be exactly what you need to save you money, and keep your chimney working for you. Prevent drafts now, and you can avoid draft during the summer as well. Call West Texas Chimney now at 806-358-0817.