Whether this is your first move or your fifth, the tediousness of the schedule never changes. There are certain things that must get done and within a very specific time frame before your move. All of these working parts must be completed in time for the close of the sale. Everyone, whether it’s the buyer, seller, REALTOR, and mortgage broker will care about the state of the house. You have a right to have the chimney inspected, and you should. At West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions, we are your go-to team for your chimney inspections needs.

Home Inspection V. Chimney Inspection

lovely home with for sale sign up frontThe standard home inspection most homebuyers wish to schedule is not the same as a chimney inspection. Home inspections will only focus on the overall soundness of the home and property, and look at the chimney briefly. A chimney inspection will focus on chimney soundness and safety, paying close attention to any chimney-related hazards.

When your mortgage loan officer mentions the home inspection, do not waive this right. It protects your investment and helps you to be an informed consumer. Don’t stop at the home inspection, though. Tell whoever you need that you’d like to schedule a chimney inspection too. You will get a report that identifies any problems with the chimney BEFORE you buy. If you’re the seller, you can add this information to the disclosure before the sale is final.

Level Two Chimney Inspection

The safest, most efficient, and longest-lasting chimney systems are those that are cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. Inspections offer a thorough diagnostic assessment. If you’re selling or buying a property with a fireplace, you need a level two inspection. It is required before the sale or transfer of property when there is a concern with the system, when it’s been changed in some way, or when the system has endured natural disasters such as earthquake or tornado.

The level two inspection includes all readily accessible portions of the chimney system in addition to all that accessible by doors or panels (in the attic or basement for instance). It doesn’t require any special tools for demolition but will include a video scan of the flue interior. The level two inspection is the only inspection that identifies hazards from top to bottom. Once the inspection is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report to present to your REALTOR, homeowner’s insurance, or attorney, or to keep for your personal records.

When it comes to a major purchase like that of a new home, don’t leave it up to chance. Be an informed consumer by scheduling a chimney inspection before the sale is final. Call or schedule online with West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions to ask an expert about real estate chimney inspections at 806-358-0817 today!