Burn season is just about over, and it’s time to think about what’s next for your fireplace. With a few changes, your fireplace can be even better next year — more efficient, more beautiful, and safer than before. You can have an insert installed in no time, and you’ll be ready for next year when it comes. No matter how you look at it, upgrading your hearth is a great idea. Doing it in spring is even better!Upgrade to an Insert This Spring - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

All About the Insert

An insert is essentially a new fireplace inside your old fireplace. It’s a prefabricated (factory-made) fireplace that is retro-fitted directly into the existing firebox. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, fuel-types, and rival stoves for efficiency. Inserts are a great way to convert your chimney and fireplace system into a heat machine, raising efficiency, and lowering safety risks.

Types of Inserts

Inserts come in a variety of styles that can match every home and every aesthetic. You can choose from a sleek, contemporary style that complements your furniture to a traditional, masonry look that matches your personality, or any model in between. No matter what you need, we have it.

  • Pellet inserts burn pellets, which are a wood-product made from byproducts sourced from the wood industry. They burn cleanly, efficiently, and offer some conveniences such as auto-feeding with the use of a pellet hopper.
  • Wood inserts burn firewood that has been cut and properly seasoned. Wood-burning inserts are more efficient than a traditional open fireplace but allow homeowners to burn from their own wood supply.
  • Gas inserts are the most efficient option for inserts because gas is the cleanest burning fuel available. If you switch to gas when upgrading your fireplace this spring, you may need a new chimney liner as well. Clay tile liners are not appropriate for gas fuel because they cannot hold up against the moisture produced by a gas fire.

Use Your Chimney

You can use your existing chimney when you opt for an insert. As long as the chimney is in good shape and is lined with the proper material for your fuel type, your new insert will use it just as your fireplace had. However, if your chimney is damaged or isn’t lined properly for your fuel, you will need a chimney repair or relining before you can use your insert. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to hire a professional to install your new insert.

The Installation Process

First a certified chimney sweep will measure your existing firebox in order to properly size the new insert. Incorrectly sizing the new insert can create a fire hazard by placing too much space between the insert and the firebox walls. The best way to insure the job is done correctly and your insert is safe for use is to hire a professional. At West Texas Chimney we will assist you from start to finish — helping you find a model that fits your needs, taking proper measurements, carrying out a flawless installation, and performing routine maintenance year after year!

Our team at West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions is full of experienced techs that have your safety in mind during every job. This spring, hire the experts who will do the job right.

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