There are a few reasons to convert your fireplace. Homeowners might make this decision during a remodel in order to upgrade the fireplace, after a new sale wanting to return to a classic wood fireplace, or in order to maintain a fireplace while avoiding costly repairs to the chimney. Whatever reason, fireplace conversion is a great option, and quite possible when you choose a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) who is experienced and trained.Converting Your Fireplace Gas or Wood - Amarillo TX - West Texas

Wood-to-Gas Conversion

The most common reason homeowners convert from wood to gas is the convenience that a gas fireplace offers. There are many options for gas fireplaces. All of them are convenient, low maintenance, highly-efficient, and easily-installed.

  • Avoid a costly chimney repair by converting to gas.
    Many homeowners will convert to a gas fireplace because it doesn’t require a chimney. While you’re welcome to use a chimney with your gas fireplace, they can also be vented by a different route, through a wall, for instance. There are also vent-free gas log sets that don’t require ventilation at all and are rated for safe use indoors.
  • Avoid the mess by converting to gas.
    When you have a wood fireplace you can bet there is a certain level of mess that comes with it. Cutting, splitting, and hauling wood is time consuming. It takes up space while it becomes dried and properly seasoned, and can leave trails of wood chips in the house. Many homeowners decide to convert after a new home purchase because of these downsides.
  • Raise Efficiency by converting to gas.
    Gas fireplace inserts and log sets are some of the most efficient heat products in the industry. Natural gas burns clean, completely, and hot. The appliance also uses every amount of heat produced which creates more heat, but can cause ventilation problems if the appliance isn’t fitted with a correctly sized and installed chimney or vent.
  • Give Yourself the gift of convenience by converting to gas.
    Many gas fireplaces are easy to light, maintain, and repair. Some even use a simple on-off switch. There is no greater convenience that that!

Gas-to-Wood Conversion

You may be asking yourself why someone might want to convert to wood with so many benefits to gas fireplaces. The truth is that some people just prefer the classic wood fire. With today’s technologies you can find products that are comparable to gas products in efficiency. When you choose West Texas Chimney one of our chimney and fireplace experts can fit you with the best product for your home. A wood fireplace offers a beautiful flame, and a wood insert raises efficiency substantially. No matter what wood-burning product you choose, your chimney must be updated with a proper flue liner and inspection.

We offer chimney sweeps to make sure your chimney is clean and ready to go, and a chimney inspection to assess the entire system from top to bottom. A level 2 inspection is required after a fuel-conversion, so don’t hesitate to make your appointment today to discuss your new fireplace purchase, installation, and inspection. We do it all!