Most homeowners are thinking about summer. Flower beds are being planted and lawns are being prepped. While you’re planning your summer and completing your spring cleaning list, don’t forget your chimney. After a long winter of use, it may have damage that should be repaired now!

A little masonry damage can become serious after the wet spring season. Additionally, spring is a great time to complete masonry repairs because the fireplace isn’t in use, the chimney isn’t hot, and the weather is fair.

Common Masonry Damage

brick repair equipment against concrete wall

Winter water damage is quite common when chimneys take on water during the winter months. The water that makes it into the masonry through cracks and gaps freezes and expands. This worsens the damage and is repeated throughout winter. In the spring we see damage ranging from cracked mortar, gapped joints, deteriorated crowns, and spalling. Spalling is masonry that is cracked and crumbling. You might notice this from the ground below and may even find flakes of brick or mortar nearby.

Tuckpointing and Brickwork

As the chosen chimney professionals in and around Amarillo, Texas, we make it our business to be experts in our field. That means our technicians are CSIA certified chimney sweeps and master masons. We can work with any sized chimney, any kind of brick or stone, and any design. It is never a good idea to let an unlicensed amateur repair your masonry. Only the professionals know the ins and outs of proper masonry repair and construction.

Mortar – Our technicians carefully remove the affected masonry, replacing it with mortar of equal consistency, strength, color, and density. If the mortar is different, the repair will actually weaken the masonry, not to mention make it look different than the rest of the chimney!

Tuckpointing – While replacing the mortar, it’s important that the mortar is packed neatly between each brick, leaving a smooth look that is strong and sound. Uneven, messy, and inconsistent bricklaying is a sign of amateur work and can take away from the value of your property and the safety of your chimney.

Our team at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions make it our priority to offer the best services at affordable prices for our customers in and around Amarillo. We want our customers to be safe and comfortable throughout winter, and we do this by offering our expert services year-round. Scheduling masonry repairs in the spring and summer allow for fair weather, optimal temperatures for the mortar to set, and no interruption in fireplace use.

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