If you reside in Amarillo or the surrounding area, you may have heard of us. At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, we have been operating in the area for over 40 years, first under the name J & J Chimney Sweep & Repairs. Our neighbors and friends in the area know us very well, and we want homeowners new and old to call us for their chimney concerns, installations, and maintenance.

Dampers by West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions

lovely masonry chimney with large capAlong with a comprehensive list of chimney care and maintenance, our team at West Texas installs the highest quality products—particularly dampers. Your chimney system needs a damper to help light and control your fire, keep animals out, and to stop drafts that might affect your fire and home’s heating and cooling. A properly-working damper should close the airflow from the fire to the flue.

Masonry chimneys traditionally have metal dampers installed at the throat of the chimney. This location is effective for use of the damper but leads to damaged parts and periodical repairs and replacements as the damper become coated with soot and creosote. Damp conditions also lead to rusted dampers that get stuck and create dangerously smoky conditions. If you think your damper is damaged, it’s time to call the professionals at West Texas Chimney & Venting Solutions.

High-Quality Dampers

We periodically replace dampers for new and existing customers. When we replace a throat damper, we replace it with the best new damper product on the market, so all of our customers get the same recommendation. We recommend the top-sealing damper no matter the house, chimney, or climate. The top-sealing damper has risen in popularity because it is the most effective damper on the market. It doubles as a chimney cap, killing two birds with one stone, and offers maximum protection for the chimney system.

Energy-Saving and Money-Saving Dampers

The top-sealing damper isn’t just great for your chimney, but also great for your wallet! It’s often called the energy-saving damper because when it is closed, it has a completely airtight seal, preventing any air from coming in or escaping. This helps to save our customers in heating and cooling costs year-round. When you start to consider how much damage the top-sealing damper prevents, any damages that you can avoid by protecting the chimney from the top! No more water, humidity, or moisture will get into the chimney. No more animal intrusion during the spring and fall months. With the top-sealing damper, your chimney will be sealed completely from the top.

Did you know all the working parts of your chimney are beneath the flue opening? By installing a top-sealing damper, you can prolong the life of your chimney. It also helps your chimney to work safely and efficiently, and save money while you’re at it! Call West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions at 806-358-0817 and ask an expert about a new damper.