April showers might have brought more than May flowers. If spring rain has brought you a leaky chimney, you might have a big problem, and even bigger mess to clean up. West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions is available to help.We Can Solve Your Leaking Chimney - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

The Danger of Water Damage

Masonry is extremely vulnerable to water, and once it enters through the masonry, it can wreak havoc on the entire system. Water can cause rusted parts and accessories, deterioration of the entire system, water and mold-stained walls, floors, ceilings and furniture along with chimney settlement and an unsafe drop in efficiency.

Chimney Leak Repairs

At West Texas, we diagnose leaky chimneys year-round, but spring is the season when they’re most noticed by homeowners. After burn season is over and rain season begins, homeowners may notice dripping in the chimney system, smells of mildew, and visible leaks in other areas of the house. In fact, if you have a leak several rooms away from the chimney, you should call the chimney sweep before the handyman because it’s most likely a chimney leak. When the water enters through the chimney, it runs through floors, walls, and ceilings. When the water reaches its lowest point it pools and eventually forms a leak. When we get a call about a leak, we check the chimney flashing first.
Flashing – The flashing requires specific expertise to install. A chimney professional must place multiple, thin sheets of metal in such a manner that water runs off. The placement depends on the slant and material of the roof, and it’s often done improperly by general contractors and homeowners. If you’re having a chimney leak, the flashing is the most likely culprit.
Chimney Crown – Even a well-made chimney crown may become damaged over time due to water and sun exposure–and time. Small cracks in the crown can allow water to penetrate the system. A professional is able to repair a cracked crown or replace it completely. If the crown is causing your chimney to leak, whether it was damaged or wasn’t made properly, we can help.

Prevent Chimney Leaks Now

There is still time to prevent the inevitable. If your chimney is damaged or poorly constructed, you will likely have problems in the future, and it will most likely be a leak. The best way to avoid chimney problems is to schedule regular chimney inspections and sweeps. Only a certified chimney sweep will notice chimney damage before it allows a leak. When you schedule your annual inspection with West Texas, ask about waterproofing services. We don’t just repair chimney leaks; we also prevent them by applying ChimneySaver water repellent. This specially-formulated water repellent keeps water from getting in, while still letting vapors out. When you let us waterproof your chimney, you can rest assured that the masonry is safe from water penetration season after season, and year after year.

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