About 71 million US households have a clothes dryer. These units make life easier, but it can also put your family in danger. If you have a clothes dryer that is not professionally installed, your dryer vent may not a safety hazard. Only certified professionals know and understand the regulations for dryer vent installation. Installing a dryer vent that is too small in diameter, too long, has too many turns, or is made of the wrong material may result in a dangerous buildup. This can cause a clogged dryer vent, and it can put your family in grave danger.

Why Clean Dryer Vents

man doing laundryWhen the dryer is running daily or several times a week, the excess lint, moisture, and heat is carried out of the system through a vent. Even with the lint trap in place and emptied regularly, microscopic particles pass through and coat the inside of the vent pipes. With the help of the moisture, this lint is packed tightly on the walls of the vent, building up with each use and obstruct airflow. As the airflow slows, the problem increases, and fire risk increases too as heat moves slowly through the flammable material. An uncleaned vent is very dangerous, and it also costs lots of money if fire occurs.

  • Dirty vents require more cycles to dry clothes. Running more than one cycle costs you more in electricity. It also wears down your unit faster.
  • Dirty vents push heat, moisture, and lint into the house. When these materials and gases don’t properly vent out, they stay put, affecting the decorations, coverings, and furniture in your home.
  • Dirty vents cause the unit and the clothes to be excessively hot. You may burn your hands on clothes or parts of the clothes dryer after a cycle.

Why Repair Dryer Vents

Your dryer vent may need cleaning or repairs due to being dirty, improperly installation, or damages. If your dryer vent is more than 4 inches in diameter, if it is longer than 25 feet with each turn accounting for 5 feet. If it terminates indoors it needs to be replaced. This is a sign that your dryer vent aren’t working properly because of a leak. If your vent has a leak, our professionals can help. At West Texas, we repair damaged dryer vents to keep you safe, save you money, and help your unit last as long as possible.

Professional Installation

Whether you need to move your dryer, reroute, or replace you dry vents, we can do it. If you’re having your new clothes dryer delivered by the store, call us for installation after it arrives. We are Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (CDET), and we have the training and experience to get the job done. Call us for dryer vent installation and repair so that your dryer works like it should. Call West Texas at 806-358-0817 or schedule an appointment online.