Face it, the best time of year is winter. Well, it’s OUR favorite time of year, and we can help it be yours as well by installing a gas log set in your home that will create a cozy space for your gas flamefamily to relax and entertain. The fireplace is a focal point in most homes throughout the winter months. Families love fireplaces so much that television networks and streaming services even feature crackling fires during the holiday season. When the right fireplace is installed in your home, it can be many things—a supplemental heat source, a focal point of the décor, and a photo backdrop for all of your winter festivities. Not sure what type of fireplace you need or want? We can help you out quickly and easily with a gas log set.

Why Choose Gas?

Gas fires are efficient, convenient, and beautiful. In years past gas fires looked fake and sort of cheap, but how times have changed! Modern brands have transformed gas fire products into something we can stand behind. Modern gas log sets are molded after real logs, with intricate details and cracks, and then hand-painted for beauty! With quality like this, why wouldn’t you choose gas? Here are a few more reasons to go gas:

  • Convenience – Gas fireplaces are convenient to install and to use. Your gas fireplace doesn’t require a big build, but the logs install directly into an existing firebox. If you don’t have one, your technician can build one. Once installed, your gas log set can be lit with the press of a button, controlled with easy-to-use controls, and extinguished immediately when needed.
  • Low-Maintenance – When your gas log set is professionally installed it should work safely and efficiently with the flue opening. Gas fires produce less soot than wood fires and no creosote to speak of! This means less frequent chimney sweeps and maintenance.
  • Versatility – Gas logs come in a variety of styles. In fact, you can choose a design right down to the species of tree! Our customers love styles ranging from split oak to white birch and even driftwood! Your gas log set and fireplace can complement your style, décor, and personality exactly. Just ask a West Texas Chimney expert today, and we’ll get started on your dream fireplace.

Gas Logs and Zone Heating

Your gas logs are not just for looks, but can also be a valuable heat source in your home. Many of our customers use gas fire appliances for zone heating and save money on utilities each winter. Zone heating is when you lower the thermostat temperature during winter so that the central heating system is responsible for maintaining a lower temperature than you may be used to. Heaters can be used to heat high traffic areas, or zones, throughout the house such as the living room and kitchen. Installing a gas log set is a perfect way to heat your living room while saving money by keeping other less-used rooms at a lower temperature.

How much do you know about the risks and benefits of a gas fireplace? Our staff at West Texas Chimney and Venting Solution can install your gas log set so that you don’t have a problem with your gas fireplace this winter.

Ask about our products and installation services today.