The few weeks before spring weather arrives are some of the coldest of the year. As we pass through January and move into February, it’s important that you do all you can to stay warm, while also staying safe. If you have an old fireplace that needs revitalization or if you’re thinking of adding a fire appliance so that you can supplement heating costs, we can help. At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, we have the solutions you need. We install the best of wood, gas, and pellet stoves.

Efficient and Versatile StovesWe Install Gas, Wood, & Pellet Stoves

Stoves are a favorite among homeowners because we can install stoves in any space in the home safely. Using refractory products including paneling and bricks we can protect your walls and floors to install a stove in corners, small spaces, and in second story rooms. Stoves are very heavy, but can be installed by professionals who are both trained and experienced. When you start with us, we can help with the process from showroom to your living room. Our fire experts can help match you with a stove that matches your style, personality, and the capacity of space you need to heat. Wood, gas, and pellet stoves are made with efficiency, safety, and comfort in mind. They have spacious fire-viewing windows, and feature a beautiful flame and realistic logs.

Wood Stoves

Perhaps the most popular option among country homeowners is the wood stove, due to readily accessible fuel source. Wood stoves burn hot, are more efficient than ever, and use a renewable fuel that is fairly easy to cut, haul, and store for use. Wood fires offer the beautiful and natural yellow flame desired on the nights you’re looking to relax and kickback by the fire. It also burns hotter than many other fuel sources. The only drawback to wood stoves is the wood itself. It makes a mess in the floor, can be difficult to light, and produces more creosote and soot than other fuel types.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves burn as hot as wood because pellets are a wood product that burns completely and with very little byproducts or emissions. Pellet stoves combine all the beauty and warmth of a wood fire, with the convenience of gas with instant ignition and a hopper to feed the fire for consistent temperature control. Pellet stoves are great for supplemental heat or primary heat because the hopper can feed your fire while you’re asleep or out of the house for a short time.

Gas Stoves

Gas is the most efficient fuel source, and even look like traditional wood fires with incredibly detailed ceramic logs that can be rearranged and stirred like a real fire. Gas stoves come in a variety of styles and sizes, and offer conveniences that are unrivaled among other products. You can choose a gas stove with a remote control light and temperature control. Gas stoves cool off faster after use, have no creosote, very little soot, and require less maintenance than other stoves.

Shop with West Texas, and the team that helps you pick your new stove can also install it. Our technicians are CSIA certified and up to date on all NFPA standards as well as local and state fire safety codes.