The chimney liner is one of the most important parts of the system, one of the largest, and perhaps the most overlooked. Your liner has an important job to do–it keeps heat and gas inside the chimney system, keeps corrosive chemical byproducts from the fire off of the masonry, and creates a smooth and properly-sized airway for optimum ventilation. Some liners last longer than others, some are cheaper than others, more durable than others, and some may even be unsafe for your fuel-type.Different Types of Chimney Liners - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney

Clay Tile Liners

Traditionally, masonry chimneys were equipped with clay tile liners that did the job, but only for wood heat. Clay tile is not appropriate or safe for oil or gas fires. Gas and oil fires release water vapors that can damage clay tile liners, causing a decrease in efficiency and a safety hazard. Clay tile is still a popular option due to its low cost, but they have to be replaced and repaired more than other options. At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions, we recommend HeatShield or stainless steel liners for the best performance and longest life.

Stainless Steel Liners

Perhaps the most expensive option, stainless steel liners are durable, safe for all fuel types, and long-lasting–purported to last up to 80 years. The cost varies by the length of the liner, so your chimney sweep cannot offer a quote for you liner without first seeing it. Once the liner is placed in the chimney flue, it’s insulated to keep heat from transferring. Though it is more costly, the stainless steel liner can also be placed over damaged, chipped, and cracked clay tiles, restoring your flue to complete function.

HeatShield Liners

Our technicians at West Texas Chimney (formerly J&J Chimney) are factory-trained to install HeatShield lining systems that can repair, reline, and completely line a chimney to full function. HeatShield’s specially formulated cerfractory sealant has been tested in the most abusive conditions and qualifies as a “super duty” refractory mortar. You can schedule a joint repair, resurfacing, or CeCure Sleeve relining using this economical and environmentally-friendly product, complete with a 20 year warranty when professionally installed. Like stainless steel, HeatShield liners are safe with all fuel types.

Do not wait another minute if you’re not sure that your liner is in good shape. The chimney liner is hidden from view, so homeowners often miss damage until it becomes a hazard. Scheduling a routine chimney sweep and annual chimney inspection may be the only time that a professional gets a look at your chimney liner. Repairing gaps and cracks can prevent masonry damage, carbon monoxide intrusion, heat transfer and structural damage, and more.

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