Add Wind Resistance to Your Chimney Cape - Amarillo TX - West Texas Chimney Your chimney cap has many important jobs to do. It is an essential part of your chimney system because it prevents precipitation and small critters from entering through the flue opening. Additionally, it keeps sparks and flames inside the chimney flue. The chimney cap, often overlooked, should be installed from the beginning of the chimney’s life, to help it work efficiently. However, the chimney cap is susceptible to damage and normal wear and tear which is why your chimney sweep will assess it during your chimney inspection. When the chimney cap becomes damaged or is missing, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Even a properly installed and functioning cap can have its drawbacks. High winds, like we have on the plains of Texas, can cause downdrafts in the chimney system, blowing directly through the chimney cap’s mesh and pushing into your chimney system.

The Problem with Down Drafts

In the winter while you’re using your fireplace, downdrafts can push smoke and odors into your home. Smoke inhalation can cause respiratory irritation, distress, and chronic illness; soot exposure can cause itchy eyes, skin irritations, and allergic reactions; and the experience, in general, is unpleasant. During the off-season, your chimney can produce some foul odors which is worsened by downdrafts. You also want to avoid downdrafts because it will push hot air into your home when you’re trying to keep it cool. Even with the damper closed, a downdraft can push hot air into your home along with the smoky, barbecue smell of soot and creosote.

Call a Professional

When you hire a professional chimney sweep, you gain the expertise of an entire team of professionals who have lived and worked in the area for years. At West Texas Chimney and Venting Solutions we know West Texas. We live here and have operated in Amarillo for over forty years. We know what works in West Texas, and that’s why we sell and install chimney cap wind deflectors that will keep the wind out of your chimney.

Chimney Cap Wind Deflectors

A West Texas technician can easily install a chimney cap wind deflector that will keep strong winds from cramping your style. You can avoid drafts, odors, and extra cooling costs by this simple and inexpensive solution. These wind deflectors rotate to prevent downdrafts from any direction, and they allow full function of the chimney cap itself.

We know that summer is the time that most homeowners don’t want to give their chimney and fireplace a second thought, but sometimes the chimney demands to be noticed. Nothing will ruin a summer brunch like a nasty odor from the fireplace. We not only want you to have a comfortable summer but a safe winter. Take care of your drafty chimney by choosing a chimney cap wind deflector. Scheduling this installation now will mean you don’t have to worry about it this fall.

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